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Summer already?

Who knew that it was summertime already. The weather has really not helped, though the weeks have sped past unrelentingly a bit like the rain.

So what have I been up to since February. Hiding away from the weather? Anything but!

It's been all systems go, with social media coverage for all the National XCO & XCC races, along with race day commentary, interspersed with photoshoots and event photography, including providing images for the Blackburn Festival of Music, Speech & Dance.

In between times I'm currently studying to become a qualified cycle coach.


Most recently I've just returned from 4 days of covering 200 riders tackle the 500km route that takes them from London to Paris, all raising money for Cure Leukemia. They successfully raised nearly half a million pounds for the charity whist pedaling through the English and French countryside. Luckily we had the weather on our side! The majority of riders are not regular cyclists, just regular folks who stepped up to an amazing challenge that is life changing for all involved in many ways.

Greenwich start

Adam Joyce, MC of the event

Quiet country lanes taking the riders to Eurotunnel

On the way to Beauvais

Starting from Citadelle de Calais on day 2

Arc de Triumphe

Finish at the Pantheon - Paris

Next up I head to Italy. Florence is the starting point for the Tour de France this year and whilst I have stepped away from the circus that is the World Pro peloton, I will be once again covering the ASO Charity partner Cure Leukemia and their riders who are taking on the challenge of riding the whole Tour de France route one week ahead of the pros with the aim of raising not only the prominence of the charity but also raise over a million pounds to help in their aim of eradicating blood cancer.

It's a tough gig for them and me. Long days in the saddle for us all. These are amateur riders who on average will take at least double the time the pros do.

It's an amazing feat of strength and endurance both mentally and physically and I'm proud to be able to capture their stories through the lens of my camera.

See you on the other side, when I head to Dalby to commentate on the National XCO & XCC Championships!!

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