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Recent work

Recent work, includes more collaboratiosn with Hannah Collingridge. The Trail centre book is still in progress with a due publishing date spring 2024 and a walking guide to the 3 Peaks.

I produced a final feature for CRANKED magazine  - A Tale of two Brothers - the magazine has now ceased production thanks to the economic downturn.

Volunteering once again to help at the Blackburn Festival of Speech, Music and Dance enabled me to gain access behind the scenes with my camera. Capturing images of the dancers as they performed to the highest level.

Due to other commission commitments, weddings continue to be a small but valuable part of my work as my creativity comes to the fore as I capture the most special of days for fabulous couples across the UK.

Once again I was the lead photographer for Cure Leukaemia's - Tour 21 - Following a group of cyclists as they tackle each stage of the Tour de France one week ahead of the pros. Once again they raised over an incredible one million pounds which will help the charity in its work to eradicate blood cancers.

I work quite closely with a number of local cycling groups which enables me to build up a strong network of diversity models which I use consistently in my work to help promote the fact that cycling is for everyone. If you would like to see more of my diversity in cycling work, please get in touch.

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