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Recent Work

Recent work in 2022 has taken me across the UK once again.

My video editing, incorporating footage taken by myself with the drone and various video cameras continues to expand and a recent contract with British Cycling has begun where I provide social media content for all the National XC Series races for this year alongside stepping up to provide live commentary at each round.

Occasionally you'll find me with a camera in hand capturing images from the races too.

Another collaboration with colleague Hannah Collingridge on a book project covering all of the Trail Centres across the UK, will be published by Vertebrate Publishing later this year and has kept us busy writing, riding and shooting both images and videos.

I continue to be a regular contributor to CRANKED magazine and have recently started to contribute to Singletrack magazine and website.

Volunteering to help at the Blackburn Festival of Speech, Music and Dance enabled me to gain access behind the scenes with my camera. Capturing images of the dancers as they performed to the highest level.

My work continues with the social enterprise group Zero Waste Leeds, with me contributing to a number of projects, the latest being a campaign to introduce recycling bins across Leeds.

Weddings are still a small but valuable part of my work as my creativity comes to the fore as I capture the most special of days for fabulous couples across the UK.

Last year I was fortunate to be involved in the Cure Leukemia Tour de France21 -21 cyclists took on the challenge to ride the complete Tour de France one week ahead of the pros. Their aim to raise over a million pound for the charity whose fund raising was dramatically impacted by the pandemic. The amateur cyclists rode fiercely in all conditions, taking much longer to complete each difficult stage they went on to achieve their objective and I was with them every pedal stroke to capture the highs and lows of each day.

I work quite closely with a number of local cycling groups which enables me to build up a strong network of diversity models which I use consistently in my work to help promote the fact that cycling is for everyone. If you would like to see more of my diversity in cycling work, please get in touch.

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