This girl can

A shoot featuring a young enduro racer Katie Clark sponsored by Garage Bikes, riding her new Pivot.

Sunset at the O.K Corral

Part of a series of images shot to promote a new event soon to hit the British shores...


I'm currently involved with a dance project with the fantastic eclectic mix that makes up Grounded Moves. These guys and gals cover all aspects from Lindy Hop through to Breakin. This was from a shoot we did in Brixton early one morning...

Above, below and under

Whilst shooting bikes was my main object for Factor Bikes, I never pass up an opportunity to capture a different aspect. Here we made Jake Birthwhistle show us his swimming moves. It's not all glamour on these shoots.... Sometimes you still gotta train.

Pro Series

A recent shoot with Islabikes for the launch of their new pro Series range


I'm currently involved with a dance project with the fantastic eclectic mix that makes up Grounded Moves. These guys and gals cover all aspects from Lindy Hop through to Breakin. This was from a shoot we did in Greenwich enjoying the late evening sun..

In Yellow

A shoot for long time cancer survivor and all round tough guy of cycling James Golding to show off his new Cancer UK kit along with a new bike from Trek.

The lonliness of the long distance cyclist

Part of a shoot for MET helmets.

Glen Nevis

Part of a shoot for MET helmets, featuring the Bluegrass Enduro Series at Glen Nevis.


A hunt for the northern lights. They're elusive and yet abundant. Worth the late nights.


National CX Championships 2016. The steps were just one of many challenging aspects of a truely championship worthy course.


The night time 'fun' race with tequila shortcut for those who were a bit thirsty. All part of a fun packed Rapha SuperCross two days at Shibden Hall, Halifax, where cyclo cross racing took over the park...

Temple Mill


The chase is on.

On a shoot for Cycling Plus. Riders hug the car as they chase to regain the group ahead.

The beautiful elegance of night riding

a pattern of light silently breaking the cycle of darkness


A sign of combatitivity

Beautifully Brutal.
Checking the bikes out
Ringing the bells
You may now kiss the bride
3 long weeks
Col du Tormalet

Weather in the mountains is a fickle beast. It changes so rapidly. One minute you are bathed in sunshine, rewarded with stunning vistas then suddenly the shutter drops and you can barely see your hand as the mist envelops. Makes for planning images an adventure...

The temple

The Col du Tourmalet can be literally translated as 'Bad Trip' which for many this formidable climb can be... The 'temple 'is time to take a breather on this long climb, time to reflect how far you've come and how far you have to go. A time to pray that the next section isn't quite so brutal.... You may linger a while...

The race is on
Being a tourist

New bike, fresh shadows, old concrete

Securely abandoned

Heavy engineering reflects and contrasts with new aluminium...

Old Mill

A promo image created for City Cross and the boys at Morvelo.

Thin White Line

This image won a gold medal in the 2012 PX3 - Prix de la Photographie Paris competition back in 2012. Shot during a local evening criterium, during the elite race. The rider is James Moss riding for Endura Racing.

Arenburg Scrum

There is a race on. Behind the scrum of motorbikes. Nuetral service, commissionaires, press, photographers and assorted all vying for the best postion. Behind them the riders are tackling the infamous Arenburg Cobbles. Both sides lined with spectators, the best line is a narrow strip on the left, but barriers make this line hard to stick to. The riders are forced to ride the cobbles. Some make it some don't. The beauty of Paris Roubaix. It's brutal, survival of the fittest and sometimes pure luck of the draw, with mechanicals and random spectators ruining the party on more than one occasion. Oh and don't mention the weather...


A road less traveled. Following a man on a mission. A dream to break a record.

The Chase
Caerphilly Mountain

Tour of Britain 2013.

Hadleigh Olympic Park

Preview imagery produced as the Olympic MTB venue took shape.

Low n Fast

Dave Collins, part of the ever popular Hope Racing Team tackle the invitational race, where teams of 5 race over an hour, off camber, uphill, steps and mud, all for cyclo cross glory... Rapha SuperCross.

Over the bars

Perfect timing. For me that is.. Not intended. No one was hurt thankfully!!

Night Rider

Mountain bike action during the night.

Paris Roubaix

Bernie Eisel tackles the first section of cobbles on this iconic race.

Shadow riders
The Battle