8 weeks

Can seem like a lifetime, when you've not ridden a bike. The last time I headed for the hills was just before xmas, training was going well, fitness was on the up, looked like I had some good base to start the new year off well. And then.. And then I got ill. Coughs and colds this time of year are part and parcel of the fun winter can provide, but this was something else! A steady cough, followed by violent sneezing, constant throbbing headaches, then the sore throat, quickly followed by losing my voice and finally the tight chest and all that fun winter viruses can produce. I counted the days when I could get back out on my bike. Dosing myself with liquids. Sleeping. Thinking it's okay, 2 weeks off will be a good rest. 3 weeks off, well thats pushing it but it'll be fine. 4 weeks in I started to feel okay and then I was off on my travels. Off to work in another country, chasing another team. I came home & promptly fell ill again. 4 weeks stretched to 6. I felt okay again, I went away again, I came home feeling ill again! This reoccurring virus was driving me nuts as well as getting me down.

Friend & amazing osteopath Amy, told me to get over to her clinic and she would sort me out... A course of osteopathic manipulation she reckoned would sort me out. Help drain the virus from my sinuses. She was right. Gentle manipulation found some unlikely sore spots, which she assured me was due to congestion in my system. 2 sessions later and I found myself feeling brighter and bouncier than I have done since xmas. Work prevented me from taking advantage of 2 sunny days this week, but today I could put it off no longer. Today was the day!

I was slightly apprehensive. 8 weeks is a long time off the bike. I worried my breathing would be labored. I worried I'd struggle on the climbs. I just worried.

I needn't have. I was fine.

I've got a bit of catching up to do and a bit of winter layers to lose, but I'm back on it and feeling great!